Adventures from the Coldest Part of the Cold War: A Dew Liner’s Memoirs, 1960-1963

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At age 19, Brian Jeffrey signs on for a stint as a radar tech, then heads into the unknown to a remote DEW Line radar site in the Arctic 1800 miles north of home. All the technical info about a DEW Line station, the DEW Line’s relationship with USAF Strategic Air Command, etc. Also much about daily life – the natural environment, food, recreation, personal interactions, isolation/psychology, transportation, etc. It’s all very warmly and often humorously related by a young man who was there. More than 50 years later, in 2018 Brian revisits his old haunt at Hall Beach, Nunavut to tour today’s North Warning System. Another real gem of a Cold War history!
116 pages, softcover, photos.