Air Transport in Canada

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Here's a huge offer for CANAV's world-famous Air Transport in Canada. At 2 volumes, 5kg and 1040 pages, ATC remains Canada’s grandest-ever aviation title. What's covered? Pioneer days from 1919 to TCA & CPA, the RCAF from Day 1 to modern transport operations around the world, The postwar airlines: EPA, MCA, Nordair, PWA, QCA, Quebecair, Transair, etc., the DEW Line, SAR, aerial survey, the great Canadian airliners from North Star to Q400, helicopters, government & corporate aviation. ATC also includes the largest gallery of original Canadian aviation art.

How say the reviewers?

  • “These volumes are possibly the world's most inclusive ever devoted to aviation history.” —Airways: The Global Review of Commercial Flight

  • “The Oshkosh of aviation books.” —Aerographics

  • “Impressive! The word is sometimes misapplied to a book that is merely interesting, but for these two volumes, it may well be an understatement.” —Montreal Gazette

53 chapters, 2 volumes, hardcover, 800,000+ words, more than 3500 photos, maps, glossary, bibliography, appendix, index. Sticker price? $155.00, but this special deal gets you a set all-in (shipping & tax included) at:

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