Aviation in Canada: Fighter Pilots and Observers 1915-1939

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Milberry & Halliday. Honours Canada’s WWI airmen & aircraft. Covers training, then the deadly skies overseas. The famous scouts (Nieuport, Camel, D.VII, etc.) & 2-seaters and how they fared; then the amazing airmen. Many harrowing deeds dredged from combat reports, letters, diaries, etc.

Also … Canadians fighting postwar in Russia’s civil war, our pioneer bush pilots + the birth of Canada’s air force. Rusty combat skills are revived as the RCAF acquires the Siskin & Atlas. Depression years, then war again looms, the RCAF modernizes, Canada manufactures its first fighters. You’ll be fascinated by all that transpired 1915-39. Never have so many photos from these times been so impressively presented in any Canadian book.

“FPO” is in that “must have” category for any aviation reader and … what an impressive gift! 184pages, hardcover, large format, glossary, bibliography, index.

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