The AVRO CF-100

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Still in service after 30 years in the air, the Avro CF-100 twin-jet interceptor is one of Canada's great aviation success stories. It is the only Canadian-designed fighter to go into mass production. Known officially as the Canuck, and unofficially as the Clunk, the Lead Sled, the Aluminum Crow as well as other sometimes unmentionable names, the CF-100 was once a familiar sight in the Canadian and European skies. With its Orenda engines housed in bulky fuselage-hugging nacelles, it is a distinctive-looking aircraft. Beside today's supersonic fighters it looks positively archaic. This book describes the aircraft's development from design and first prototype flights to all later Marks, even including proposals for a four-engine CF-100 and a STOVL ground-attack version.

This handsome book tells the story not only of the aircraft but of the people who flew it. In its heyday over 20 years ago the CF-100 served on the front lines with NORAD and NATO. Such aspects as aircrew training at North Bay and Cold Lake, squadron formulations, weapons practice, armament research, and service with the Belgian Air Force (the only other air force to fly the CF-100) are covered in detail. Fascinating first-person accounts describe such events as test flying, scrambles, a bail-out after a near-fatal mid-air collision, and an electronic warfare mission with the Clunk playing enemy bomber.

The book includes the largest and finest collection of illustrations of the CF-100 and its era ever published — over 300 photos, engineering drawings, cut-aways, foldout cockpit diagrams, and maps, as well as superb colour profiles by aviation artist Peter Mossman.