The Royal Canadian Air Force at War 1939-1945

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The Royal Canadian Air Force at War is the grandest Canadian aviation book ever.  In the style that has brought worldwide acclaim to CANAV Books, it gives detailed coverage to the RCAF both at home and overseas in the Second World War.  From an ill-prepared air force in 1939, to establishment of the formidable British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, to dogfights from London to Singapore, bombers over Berlin, sub-hunters over the North Atlantic and transports over Far Eastern jungles, the RCAF's wartime record is all here.

In creating this mammoth volume, authors Milberry and Halliday have uncovered vast amounts of previously unpublished material and used a fresh approach in presenting it.  They have scoured the official records, diaries, logbooks and scrapbooks, and conducted personal interviews with RCAF veterans in many trades who served in every theatre.

Besides its hefty text, the book counts more than 1500 photographs.  Thus it contains the largest published gallery of Canadian wartime photography.  The focus is on the people who comprised the RCAF at the time, the aircraft they flew and maintained, their many tasks and the host of places they served during six hectic years of fighting.  Here in one book is a wonderful tribute to the quarter million men and women who, when needed to defend our common principles, answered the call by joining the RCAF.