The Wilf White Propliner Collection

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If you follow the years of the classic airliners, you'll revel in this beauty created by Larry Milberry from the files of a great aviation photographer. Writes Airways The Global Review of Commercial Flight: "Milberry's treatment of his subject is personal and meticulous, the photo selection is … evocative, the captions knowledgeable and informative ... thoroughly enjoyable." From the DC-4, '6 & '7 through all the "Connies", Britannia, C-97, C-124, Electra, Tudor, Viscount, etc. this book will keep you enthralled. BOAC to CPA, Flying Tiger, KLM, Pan Am, RCAF, TCA, USAF, etc. Wilf's photos take you through the UK, Canada & US. A gem of a book.

176 pages, large format, softcover, glossary, bibliography, index.